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Buddy L (also known as Buddy L or Buddy-L) is an American
toy brand and company founded in 1920 as the Buddy L Toy
Company in East Moline, Illinois. Buying Buddy L Toys

Buddy L Toy Company AKA Moline Factory History
Buddy "L" toys were originally manufactured by the Moline
Pressed Steel Toy Company, started by Fred A. Lundahl in
1910. The Co.originally manufactured automobile fenders &
other stamped auto body parts
Buddy L Coal Truck appraisal
The company primarily supplied parts for the
Buddy L Cars
McCormack-Deering line of implements and
Buddy L Toys
International Harvester Company for its trucks. Moline Pressed
Steel did not begin manufacturing toys until 1921. 1920's
Buddy L Trucks wanted any condition Kelmet Sturditoy durable
for his son Arthur. designed and produced a pressed steel
miniature truck, reportedly a model  International Harvester
truck made from 16- 20-gauge steel which had been discarded
to the company's scrap pile.
Buddy L Tugboat for sale

Buddy L made such products as toy cars, oil trucks, delivery
vans, fire engines, construction equipment, and trains. Fred
Lundahl used to manufacture for International Harvester
Buddy L truck value, making a toy Buddy L Flivver out
of steel scraps for his son Buddy. Soon after, he started selling
Buddy L "toys for boys", made of pressed steel. Many were
large enough for a child to straddle,
Buddy L Truck Prices Pull
Buddy L Baggage Truck  A pioneer of steel-toy field,
Lundahl persuaded Marshall Field's, F. A. O. Schwarz to carry
his line. 1920's Buddy L Fire Truck, Buddy L Ice Truck, then
sold the company. Buddy L Museum
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Buddy L was owned by Richard Keats,
a well-known New York toy designer who went to work for
Buddy L the day after he graduated from Brown University in
Buddy L Trencher  pressed steel buddy l toys for sale

In 1990, Keats sold Buddy L to SLM International. SLM sold
Buddy L off in 1994 under bankruptcy protection. By 2012,
Buddy L it was owned by Empire Industries Always buying
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